workshops and training - teach a man to fish...
Anything we know, we are willing to teach...

Writing workshops - teach employees to differentiate between your and you’re; their, there and they’re or that irregardless is not a word. Or simply brush up on writing techniques for business use - email etiquette and language, technical writing, speeches, letters etc.

Learn to make your technical, industry language and turn it into something your audience can use.

Public Speaking Training (media training too!) - learn to add polish, confidence and professionalism to any presentation. Also learn to add all the same elements to any powerpoint or media based presentation. Telling your story is the best sales tool you have.

Social Media Workshops - everyone is utilizing social media to spread their message through a free medium lately.  Learn to maximize the benefit that can be derived from each social media platform to raise awareness of your business, send messages to stakeholders or members and engage customers.

Branding - your brand is NOT just your logo. It’s what people say about your business when you leave the room.  Learn to develop your company’s voice, image and reputation and them manage and promote those aspects.

media relations
Be newsworthy

Media relations is much more than a press release these days - it’s online, it’s creative, it’s social and it’s engaging.  Let southpaw help you reach all traditional and new-school (social) media to spread your messages effectively.
Media Packages (Media Kits) - these generally include background info on the client, a press release about their product or service, photos, FAQ sheets, fact sheets, statistics, a company profile and more.  In the new days of social media, these packages can also include links to facebook pages, twitter accounts, videos, soundbites and many more creative options to get the media to notice you.  
Media Training - help your spokespeople get your messages out clearly, concisely and accurately. southpaw will ensure that your spokespeople know what to expect, how to respond and what to say when dealing with the media.
Speech Writing - any time you speak publicly, you represent your company, product, service and brand. And yourself! So make it sound good. Can’t articulate it yourself? Let southpaw take your ideas and make them poignant, clever and professional.
Press Releases - don’t need the whole media package? No problem.  southpaw communications offers press releases on a per unit basis.  Writing, editing and dissemination are all included.  Rates are dependent on amount of research required, scope of dissemination and length of the release. 
Media Scanning - What’s the point of a press release if nothing comes of it? Media scanning is a constant offering from southpaw that comes with any media work. Media of all types are scanned daily and compiled, evaluated and presented to the client on a regular basis to demonstrate

sponsorship packages
Get funded

A sponsorship package will often include many of the same components as the media package such as the organizational background info, statistics, a fact sheet and more.  However, the sponsorship package will also include a letter to potential sponsors, outlining the need for funds, where they will be allocated and the mission and vision of the project.  In addition, the sponsorship package will include more information about the industry of the client, its audiences and people involved.  By demonstrating the benefit of sponsorship levels, the organization can use the sponsorship package to raise funds for a specific project or event.  Sponsorship packages can be clever and creative - let sponsors know why YOU are the organization they should fund, using your voice and personality to do it.

web and graphic design
All the pretty colours

Not just p’s and q’s around here - you need to be online! Website design, development, hosting and SEO can all be completed through southpaw. From designing the layout to writing the content, southpaw can have a new site up and running in a timely manner for you. With today’s tech-savvy consumer, a good website can be an organization’s best asset.

southpaw also offers full graphic design services, from logo design, printing services, to a full scale vehicle wrap we can do it all. Creative ideas, Impressive results.