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Throwing your hat in the political ring? We’ll make sure you’re ready.
Workshops and consulting - all tailored to the political arena.

• Social Media
• Media Relations
• Speech Writing
• Public Speaking
• Presentation Development
• Debate Training
• Key Messaging

Available as group or private sessions, anywhere in Alberta, any time.
Session details below

Social Media

Social media is like sex for the first time. You have heard it's awesome, everyone else is doing it but you don't know where to start.
Heard of tweeting, pinning, blogging and posting but don't know how they can help you engage your riding, make your campaign platform messages heard and gain votes?
This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and more.
It will then help you to decide which platforms will help you reach your target audience and achieve your goals - because you don't need to use them all, just the ones utilized by your target audiences. Different businesses use different social media to platforms to reach different people.
Then, you will learn to leverage what you have learned. Create the accounts, develop content, start posting, connecting with people, following trends and learn to manage your accounts in a professional manner to represent your platform and engage voters - all in one session!
But social media isn't just for campaigning, it's for building relationships, networking, crowdsourcing information, and staying in touch with your riding after you win.
How are you going to do all of that? By developing engaging content that will generate conversations.
This is a workshop, not just a presentation - please bring a laptop (or smartphone may have to suffice) to set up accounts and begin management.
Not quite convinced? Then sign up just to see all of our examples of political social media fails. There’s a lot

Media relations (traditional and online)

The media needs your content as much as you need exposure. Learn to find the story within campaign and pitch to the correct media in the correct manner to get you in the news. A well-pitched story can result in far more value than a paid ad. Learn to find the angle, research the correct media, pitch it well and then the important part - being prepared, sounding eloquent and getting your messages across in an interview.

Remember - media is no longer only in print and on the air. Media include bloggers, tweeters, posters and videographers. Learn to manage online media, and monitor your brand online. People are talking about you online whether you are there to manage it or not.

This workshop includes:

Preparing for an interview
• Know your interview subject
• Developing key messages
• Developing a personal brand
• Preparing sound bites

Questions to ask a reporter before the interview

Killing the Interview
• Radio
• Television
• Newspaper
• By phone
• Online

Tips for a successful interview
• Controlling the interview
• What not to say
• Keeping the message positive even in negative situations
• Use every opportunity to convey your message

Post-interview overview
• Interview audits and analysis
• Find out what may have been missed – contact reporter with missed info

Practice interviews (video, phone)

Analysis of practice interviews

Speaking with Impact

Public speaking, speech writing, presentation development, debate training
Yup, we combined all of those elements into one dynamic workshop - you’re welcome.
However, if you only want/need to focus on one area, let us know!
This is THE workshop to learn to express yourself personably and effectively when speaking to the public. Learn to be engaging, dynamic and persuasive - the keys to political success.
Read the next paragraph. Now read it out loud. Speaking and writing require significantly different vocabularies and structure. We will teach you the difference so you sound good whether someone is reading your words, or listening to them.
Learn to perfect your personal style and get your key messages across in any situation. We help you hone your writing skills to pinpoint your own key messages, find your voice and express yourself eloquently and professionally.
We are not here to turn you into a robot. We won’t teach you big words to use or force you to memorize scripts. We are here to teach you to use your own words effectively. You will leave knowing how to build rapport with your audience - they need to trust and believe you.
This workshop also teaches how to develop a speech and presentation for any audience, any size crowd, and via any medium - online, webinar, podium speaking, debate and more.
Most importantly - we teach you how to talk TO people, not at them. Tell stories, don’t lecture.

Private or Group Sessions - your choice!

We’re all yours…
We know when running for office, especially in your municipality, that you need to have that leg up on your opponents. That’s why we’re giving you a chance to have us all to yourselves.
Let us work one on one with you to help you hone your skills and teach you exactly what you need to know. Any time. Any place.
Share nicely…
Running as a block or want to share the PR for Politics with your friends? No problem! We work with groups of all sizes. Although you’ll be sharing us amongst your friends we’ll still make sure your personal PR training needs are met.

Whether you want to take in one of our workshops or all of them - we will create a package that suits your training needs. Contact us for custom pricing and availability.
And don’t forget, north, south, east or west, we’ll come to you. Unless you like hotels, then, by all means, come visit!

Coming soon: All workshops and PR training will be available as online courses. Learn from the comfort of your…wherever your laptop is. Training available via webinar, Skype for live training and other cool methods.

Not in politics? We still offer these workshops (and many more) for a diversity of industries.