where we came from
Closet of skeletons

southpaw communications has been in business (officially) since 2007 and has evolved to the full-scale strategic communications consulting business it is today. 
At southpaw, we look at the big picture, offering concept-to-completion communication solutions for any size organization. 
What does that even mean? It means we start at the bottom – auditing what you have (which is sometimes nothing!) and then developing creative strategies to help you achieve your goals. From there, we can also help you implement and manage those strategies until the end.
Then we start again!

you can be a client too!
Drink our kooi-aid

Little guys - In currently targeting grassroots, non-profit, volunteer organizations and small businesses, southpaw gives a voice to all industries and business types while and helping improve the opinion and knowledge consumers have around your industry, no matter what that may be.  
Big guys - need a full rebranding? Need to engage your membership or employees? Need to increase current membership? Need to help employees prepare for the big presentation to the board? Call us….
Anyone in between - By offering all services on a per-usage basis, (Only need one press release? No problem!) we are able to help organizations or individuals of any size disseminate their message without tying them to a contract or program that large advertising and communications firms typically do.

why southpaw
Sheer awesomeness

Your business needs some creativity, some flair, some promotion, some engagement, some connection!

Don't have the resources internally? Let southpaw be your internal marketing, communications or PR 'employee'. Just don't expect us to hold down a desk from 9-5 in an office tower…

Diverse Experience - From ag and food, to economic development, to post-secondary education institutes, to trades and construction, real estate, oilfield and even the dating and matchmaking industry! We have helped many business types communicate, market and brand.
Our employees also come from a diversity of industries to round out the experience we have at the table, working to make your project dynamic!

Differentiated - by offering a per-unit or per-usage rate structure, southpaw is able to help organizations that normally would not be able to hire or contract a large communications or advertising firm for a contractual period.

Lightning Speed - we will have you in the news, on the web and connected to your audience faster than you can say "Let's do it!"