strategic development - concept to completion
Internal and external communications plans and strategy development.

To be as cliché as possible, this is the part where we say: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." As cheesy as it is – it is true! If an organization has a structured, strategic communications plan developed, they are far more likely to stick to it and be successful in sending their message.
In the communications plans we develop, southpaw always includes the following critical components:
• what the client wants to accomplish with its association communications (their objectives)
• ways in which those objectives can be accomplished (their strategies, goals or program of work)
• to whom the client communications will be addressed (their key audiences)
• how they will accomplish their objectives (the tactics, the tools and timetable)
• how they will measure the results of our program (budget and evaluation)
While these components are merely the skeleton of the communications plan, they lay a solid foundation for creative tactics and strategies to be incorporated.

More than a logo

Starting a company? Need a new image for an existing one? southpaw has helped many organizations execute a comprehensive branding strategy – it’s more than just a logo! It’s your voice in your writing, the look and feel of the company, how you speak, terminology, key words and images you use and so much more – your company has a personality!  Let us help you decide what brand strategy will help you become the “Kleenex” of your industry.

Social media strategy
Tweet, pin, tag and post

You and your business have a social media reputation whether you know it or not. So you need to be online, active and engaging on the social media platforms. Don't know a tweet from pin? Let southpaw develop a dynamic communications strategy for you that will ensure you are getting the right messages to the right audience at the right time.
• Social media strategy
• Content development and management
• Reputation management
• Client engagement